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To be the full article, below we put a doc format of the purchase contract, which you are welcome to download and use. Hello, I live in Brasov and I would like to buy the car that is in the name of my father (small insurance) who lives in Botosani. How to manage the purchase contract? Can I buy the car myself with papers? or must he be my father when the purchase contract is concluded? But if it is acceptable to buy the car for me, what papers should I give to the new owner and what are the next steps? As for the car buyer, DocExpress does everything and will automatically generate the following actions required for the car seller`s car gum: Hello, I bought a car and the owner lied to me by giving taxes. I tell them that I have not made a purchase and sale contract on the basis that I fulfill it and that I will sign his contract to them. What to do this year, good evening, because they think it is better to proceed with the payment? If the buyer has to make the payment to the seller and in what form, so that I, as a seller, am sure that I will receive the amount of money indicated in the contract at the time of signing the contract or deleting DITL. Thank you, Ms. Alexandra, that is a question. The contract must be concluded in the name of your father. Another purchase agreement would transfer the car to your name.

Don`t forget! You will need to register the car with the IRS and then pick it up. The same goes for a normal car (the contract is available in 5 copies). The d-tra invoice does not have to be made. Only the purchase contract must be concluded. It will have different technical elements that refer to the vehicle. Hello. I want to put the car in the name of the woman. Do you absolutely need to conclude an alienation/purchase contract, or is there another solution? When they enter into a purchase contract, the amount they pay into the contract counts. We bought the car in 2018 for $18,000. How much do you recommend? DocExpress divides the automatically generated acts into 3 categories: With the DocExpress Auto-Act service, we make sure that: I have a friend, this is a purchase-purchase contract to recognize the vehicle for me. No tomatoes were removed to educate him personally. I got it.

Do I need the purchase contract between him and me to arrange it on my behalf? Hello. On the contract, the option/indication to keep the license plate is missing. What should I do if I want to keep the number? Thank you very much. Whether you are selling or buying a vehicle, the DocExpress procedure for fulfilling an online car sales contract is the same. So, after selecting from the menu, set the Automatic Papers button or My Account / Create my automatic papers, press the Start Now button. You choose the parties, that is to say because you are a buyer or seller of cars, natural or legal person. This model purchase-sale contract is retained by the police or the registration department of the car (to which you belong). For example: If you are from Bucharest, you will need to install your car in Bucharest at DRPCIV (in Pipera). It will automatically broadcast the car. The contract is executed in German and then translated. If you need to share the purchase template with other people, it is possible to send it by email. With signNow, you can electronically sign as many documents per day as you charge for a base price.

Start automating your e-signature workflows now. The person selling the car must present the original purchase contract to the local tax authorities with 4 signed copies of it. We make a small hook and then we will continue the article (continue after that, because it is worth reading). On this occasion we recommend a website with complete information about the car rental area of Bucharest. Thank you and keep reading the article for the execution of the purchase contract! Hello. More recently, I understand that those in taxes and duties have to do with the termination of the purchase-sale contract. Is this true or can it simply be done in any action center? Fees and taxes will not fulfill the purchase sale contract, but in each DGITL center there will be a series of automotive acts that can reach it. For a Dacia Logan car, I made the training contract in 5 copies signed by the two of us in an Acte Auto center, after which he gave me the money and I, as a salesman, gave him the keys, the identity card, the compulsory insurance and the registration certificate of the car.

Now I was with the purchase contract in the mayor`s office for taxes and with the police for keeping numbers. I realized later that I was not on the Instrainat admission certificate for….., DATE and SIGNierung, nothing. This person doesn`t want to make me complicated anymore in the INSTRAINAT section… What do you advise me, ??? …. THANK YOU! If my German brother sells me the car to take advantage of such a visa-free contract from the German tax authorities, is the car still a problem? can he broadcast it later in Germany? Hello, a Roman citizen residing in Austria,buys a used car in Roumanie.La can car register in financial transactions in Austria to register? To submit the series of car certificates to the law authorities, you also need: The Central African Republic will take place after self-registration until the actual registration.. .